Monday, November 17, 2008 NBA pitch is no 'slam-dunk'

Front page of the Seattle PI is the report of the City of Seattle's effort to get the State of Washington to authorize 75 million dollars in funding for stadiums and exhibition infrastructure in Seattle to have 1% of the current 7% sales tax on Seattle hotels to be redirected to the Seattle Center for either construction around Key Arena, or to other portions of Seattle Center should an NBA team not become available for Steve Ballmer to buy.

Read it here!
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Added to this story, my opinion:
The reporter quoted Ross Hunter, Tim Ceis, but not Brian Robinson. The reporter noted that the fund was raided last year but did not mention the Senate Bill 6638 was passed into law to prevent that from happening again. The reporter did not mention the state task force or that there is a meeting December 1st. Other than what was missing, I thought what was included was pretty good reporting. Ross Hunter's quotes are the framework for negotiation, the city has work to do politically by selling this at a time of budget cuts and it has to have an agreement with the convention center folks in order for this to happen.
It has been and will come down to that, not a shock to you or I. I have been saying it for a few months.


Anonymous said...

Let the angst and hand wringing begin. I don't think I can stomach another failure at this. I'm still not hearing any ground swell of disdain from the media on Husky Stadium. Not that I'm against it. But I find it curious especially since Ol' Chopper is an alum.

Mr Baker said...

you wait, they have to propose cuts to higher ed while at the same time approving 150 million dollars for the football stadium. That fight will get ugly.

What else goes on at Husky stadium?
What else goes on at Key Arena?
Half of the cost to the state, all of the money recovered through revenue and B&O taxes over 17 years.

They are going to cut funding to WSU at the same time?

I wish the hotels would say something, and maybe they are.