Thursday, June 18, 2009 Wash. treasury to see further revenue decrease

The Special Session in October is timed to deal with the next economic forecast due September 27.

By then it should be clear that people are still not spending money they do not have on things people are too unsure that they should produce because there might not be a market for that unmade, unsold, not purchased, thing.

I'll offer KeyArena, and low-income housing as stimulus spending, using tourist taxes, as being a good idea.

Top lawmakers, meanwhile, said a special session of the Legislature is likely in October, if only to approve new school-spending and criminal justice policies that were not resolved during this year's regular legislative session. AP story linked here!

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Mike Baker


Peter said...

i posted it on this site about a week ago, that kohl-welles told me the special session will be in october if there is one. that said, do you think the key arena renovation is a oneshot thing, or will the city try again when economy gets better and the state budget looks a lot better?

Anonymous said...