Sunday, January 10, 2010

60 Days of Low Expectations

On New Years Eve I gave my eight 2010 predictions, this one applies here:
6, and 7. The Washington State Legislature's "short session" begins January 12, and runs fir 60 days. Urbanized counties will "horse trade" levy equalization in "tax poor" rural school distrcts for broader taxing authority in the "tax rich" districts. A lot hangs in the balance for Dow Constantine here, and he will show leadership here.
ManyWordsForRain, Predictions for 2010.

If anything is done that benefits KeyArena, it would be purely by accident. Accidents do happen, you just can not depend on them.

I will be watching and reporting. Tomorrow is day one of sixty.
Off topic, Onion Head Monster should be on Adult Swim!

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Mr Baker said...

"Lawmakers are waiting for two pieces of news before they make any final choices on taxes. A February revenue forecast could ease or worsen the budget shortfall. And the federal government may come to the state's rescue — as it did last year."

They will run in place for 3 weeks.