Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Portland Trailblazers will not call Seattle's KeyArena home for preseason game

I guess Steve Kelley will have to catch a ride with Mighty Mouse and Resheed Wallace in that yellow Hummer going down south to Portland to watch his favorite NBA team play their scrubs against the Phoenix scrubs on October 14th.
Get a clue Steve, this was all about marketing the Blazers in the 13th largest media market, the largest media market in America without an NBA team.
This was not some pathetic chance for the good fans of Seattle to show anything to anybody. This was about marketng, as was your "story" about Brandon Roy asking if there would be a fan boycott, as are your stories from the summer league in Las Vegas. You are a tool for the NBA, knowngly, or unknowingly.

This had nothing to do with resolving the arena issue in Seattle, and bringing a team to Seattle to be the real home team.

In an interview last month, Tod Leiweke, CEO of Vulcan Sports & Entertainment, which oversees the Blazers, Seahawks and Sounders FC, said the Blazers want to play in Seattle because it made good business sense.

"This isn't designed to be some major statement," he said. "Those who are reading into that, they're just not reading it properly. I think relative to Portland, ownership has fought hard to make Portland work.

"There are lots of people in Seattle who still love the NBA and want to follow a team. It's only logical."

Reaction to the game was mixed when the news broke last month, but Miller said it didn't affect the team's decision.

"We didn't think that it was too soon to play there," he said. "We got a lot of positive feedback as well as some negative feedback and we just felt like the timing would have been OK and the situation would have been good."

Leiweke said the fiscal constraints of operating in a small market forced the Blazers to expand marketing in the Northwest. According to consulting firm ProAdvance, Portland is the 23rd largest media market in the nation and Seattle ranks 13th.

After the Sonics left for Oklahoma City, the Blazers received permission from the NBA to broadcast in the Seattle area and began televising games on Comcast Sports Net last season.

Read the Seattle Times Newspaper story: Blazers won't play exhibition here after all, by Percy Allen.

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Peter said...


when do think the absolute latest public funds could go key arena? i heard something about 2010 or 2011 leg sessions being the latest they could approve funding, since the taxes would expire and they would need 60 percent to pass new ones.
am i right? if this recession is much longer, should we just give up on the key?

Mr Baker said...

There are half a dozen different taxes supporting Safeco, bringing back Griffey helps pay the bonds off faster.
They should start ending late 2010 and mid way through 2011. The spreadsheet Ross Hunter posted is a little out of date now, but I think the timeframe is still right.

The settlement said legislative action by 12/31/2009.

I think Jeanne Kohl-Welles keeps pushing this into the session in January 2010 (if they do not have a special session). The full session is in the odd number year, the short session (coming up) in the even number years. The short session is to correct minor things, revise budgets, and work on ongoing legislation.

Some bills were passed, went into law, that require a committee to work through the summer and fall to come up with supporting legislation.
SB6116 was recalled to Senate Ways and Means Committee as a way to keep it alive, and allow them to revise it in committee if they want.

I think that is about it for KeyArena, the next short session would be it. After that, all bets, and agreements, settlements, are out of the way.

I think you would see a lot of talk next Spring about a new private facility to compete, and likely kill, KeyArena.

KeyArena is in Kohl-Welles' legislative district, unlike the mayor, she will keep pushing this for her district.
She must know that a KeyArena that has not been remodeled is ripe for competition.

Anonymous said...

Well B, you've been a beacon of optimism in this sea of insanity but the likelyhood of a special session just doesn't look good to me. Quite honestly I'm looking for that ubiquitous successor venue in Bellevue. It seems to be the natural thing for them to do once the deadline has passed. I wish to hell I was wrong.

Mr Baker said...

optimism? Not really, just identifying the features in the political landscape for the other tourists.

Hey, look over there, a weasel!

I think have pointed out that sections c and d of the eastside extention of the light rail goes past 37 acres that is left of the safeway distribution land, between Bellevue and the king's castle in Redmond.
Just sayin'.

I kind of enjoy the fact that Jeanne Kohl-Welles actually cares about a city and subject (actively) with the best case scenario being a KeyArena solution, worst case is this gets rubbed in Nickels nose while he is running for re-election (win-win).

Anonymous said...

Just say no to Nickels and Licata at city hall. Here's to the other shoe dropping: