Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sonicsgate Trailer

So, how does the media event on 10/12/09 Impact the Seattle and King County elections being held three weeks later?
Since so many media members are in it there will be a great deal of attention to this event by the media.

iPhone users, there is a YouTube link at the bottom of this post.

Sonicsgate Trailer from sonicsgate on Vimeo.

The SONICSGATE documentary film premieres for free on the internetz Monday, October 12.

Peep the trailer live in HD at

Featuring exclusive HD interviews with more than 35 key characters including Kevin Calabro, Sam Perkins, Brent Barry, Desmond Mason, Nick Collison, Doug Christie, Jamal Crawford, Aaron Brooks, James Donaldson, Slade Gorton, Paul Lawrence, Brad Keller, Tom Carr and Chris Van Dyk. 

Special Preview Screening October 9 @ SIFF Cinema in Seattle (321 Mercer St.)
Tickets on sale now at the SIFF Website

$5 -- includes admission to Sonicsgate Afterparty at Spitfire! (2219 4th Ave)


I lifted this text right off   WATCH TRAILER HERE and the countdown clock.

Check out the video on YouTube:

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Peter said...

baker, this is kind of of topic, but since it looks like mallahan will make it to the general election, did you make the desicion to endorse him on manywordsforrain becuase you thought he would be better in bringing the NBA back, or was that just a factor? i honestly think mcginn would be disaster for SOS. do you think mcginn would actually try to bring the nba back in case no private solution materializes?its good for us that at least mallahan gave SOS a statement that i think was the most clear and to the point. i also read an interview with mallahan saying keyarena needed a major tenant longterm.

Mr Baker said...

It was a factor, and symbolic ofpossible outcomes with Seattle Center, and KeyArena. Nickels is all about downtown. His efforts on the tunnel to make the waterfront a better place do not match his efforts and views of other neighborhoods, including Lower Queen Anne and the entire Seattle Center.
I picked two people that I thought could be mayors and that were not Greg Nickels. Brian Ribinson made the point about a week ago, that re-electing Nickels would mean no NBA for at least 4 more tears. That is also 4 more years of dumping money into downtown pet projects and ignoring other neighborhoods.
The Sonics leaving were a symptom of how Seattle Center and KeyArena have been managed.

Anonymous said...

This is probably more appropriate for your "Many words for rain" blog, but I'm lazy so I'll through this link down here. Westneat is dead on target IMO. Nickels bungled the Sonics debacle to be sure but it will always be Licata that fanned the flames:

Mr Baker said...

Crossposting is an undication of a struggling blog, or synergy of overlapping subjects refering to the same subject.

Either place makes sense for this item.
After I move a giant pile of dirt from my driveway to my backyard I will write a story on this topic at manywordsforrain. I'll post a link at sc.
I wrote a specific post about Licata there.

You do not have to over-sell a given point. Most people that are members of SOS, and their masses, are not going to vote FOR Licata. His statement to recover from the negative comments; that is water under an burnt bridge (I was saving that gem for my story later, but it nails the Licata situation down.

Peter said...

baker, you wrote this on SC:

"This has nothing to do with a special session happening or not. Economic forcast that comes out next month does. If the hole gets bigger/faster then it is remotely possible.
If it does I expect that bill to go to the floor for all of the other things in it. Otherwise I expect to see it in January."

that said, if 6116 is brought up in january, do you think ballmer will actually do his part if the key is funded next year? i did notice they added 2010 to the bill on the leg's website, are you referring to that when you say "january"?

Mr Baker said...

I do nit think they added 2010 to the bill, I think you just happen to notice that it says that. The last action that bill had was 5 minutes before the end of session it was recalled from the floor to be kept alive in Rukes Committee. The bill is part of the 2009 - 2010 legislative session. January's short session is a chance to revise, kill, or introduce legislation for the 2009 - 2010 budget cycle.
There is a scheduled working session in October, they may or may not have a formal session (Special Session) then. Two legislators, Hunter and Jarrett, will not be running for King County Exec so, that will not stop be a determining factor.
January they must have a session, the state will run out of money before the 2011 - 2012 session starts in January of 2011.

To my sc comment: I am guessing that State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Wells will want to resolve the dead KeyArena with or without Steve Ballmer. He has indicated in the media that he is out at the end of the year. Months ago Steve Ballmer stated MircoSoft is out of any deal with Yahoo, now they are partnering, so, never say never.
Would he rethink closing the door on KeyArena with Nickels out of the picture, and a willing champion for the bill in the legislature?
That is a big question, and, I think either way Jeanne Kohl-Welles will push the bill in hopes that Ballmer or somebody else will partner with her and the new mayor.
Brian may be able to answer the Ballmer part.

How did the primary change that dynamic? I do not know yet, it could not have hurt.

Mr Baker said...

are among the many words I screwed up in that last post.

Anonymous said...

I love Steve P, but I thought he was painting a little too rosy of a picture on KJR. I don't see there is any way a special session gets called this year and pulls off SB 6116. Steve acted like the mayor could now step up and get something done. If that happens, it will be the first time I've ever seen an unpopular lame duck politician pull something off during his last days in office that he couldn't pull off for two years before then. Just doesn't make sense.

What do you think?

Mr Baker said...

I just listened to the interview.
I think the point was to keep taking the high road with the mayor, with the next mayor. He could have pinned everything on a losing politician, but he did not, because it is true that it really did take many people doing the wrong things for a long time. I keep going back to 2000 when new Safeco suites took KeyArena suite owners. Even that actually started when Griffey was rounding third in 1995.
The ball should have been put in motion as soon as Safeco was a go. Plenty of people worked against solving the competitive problem KeyArena had the day Safeco opened.
Nickels was one of many, and not the worst.
Steve might as well take the high road, because you never know what the future could bring (you too).

A Special Session is unlikely, not impossible. The economic forcast will come out in about a month. The legislators will be in Olympia in October working anyway.
Nobody knows for sure, and there is no point in doing to Nickels what the voters already did. Keep the doors open as long as the possibility exists.

Anonymous said...

Looks like my favorite Senator may be throwing his hat in the Seattle mayoral race:

It's more of a "Rain" comment, but, then again I'm lazy.

Mr Baker said...

That was confirmed by Publicola.

"2. Last night, State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43) confirmed the theory we floated yesterday afternoon : Labor leaders are interested in having him run as a write-in candidate for mayor.

Murray said he’s open to  the idea and he’s meeting with supporters this morning to hear them out. He also said the contingent includes more than just labor leaders.

He also confirmed something else we’d heard: There are other names on the list. He did not know who."

To quote myself here, from there, "I would vote for Ed Murray over all of the primary candidates, and the boy king Peter Steinbrueck. I wondered a month ago why he did not run."

Peter said...

no special session, kohl-welles just wrote this to me:

“It is looking as though we will not have a special session and therefore cannot go back to address SB 6116 before the 2010 session. If the economic situation takes a serious downturn, we could be forced to go back to session to deal with the economic situation.”

Anonymous said...

Well Peter, I caught wind of the news regarding the special session. I can't say that I'm suprised, but hopefully an alternate solution will be in the offing. I'm not sure what or how it will be presented.The only one that was offered publically was the ECEC from Brown and Bean. Maybe Ballmer will get involved with that. Who knows? Right now its just more crap we as fans have to eat while we got the mushroom treatment from our "leaders" in Olympia and Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. B. I know you're a frequent visitor to Crosscut like I am and I'm sure you noticed this little nugget. A 50 year anniversary of the World Fair in 3 years, and look how much has been accomplished with the Seattle Center since then. Amazing.....

Mr Baker said...

Yes, (Anonymous, that better not be you, potty-mouth Mark) I am the same Mr Baker there as I am here, publicola,, Seattle Times, Stranger.

I am the one bitching about the Seattle Center master plan:

"The Seattle Center Master Plan is one year old, how will the candidates put the plan into action?"

I know I have a publisher there that has at least an open mind to pushing these kinds of projects, giving the competing thoughts space to express themselves.

I do not want a 1 to 2 million dollar party in 2012, I would rather have plans set and ground breaking parties on the 50th.

Anonymous said...

RE: 50th anniversary. Or even better yet, get this shovel ready project started within the next 12 months to be ready in time to celebrate the anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Can puck-nuts and hoop-heads co-exist in the PNW? Of course they can. Just give them a building please;

Anonymous said...

On another somewhat related note, it looks like the NFL will be returning to Los Angeles (County). I've been following Ed Roski's progress on this issue since he formulated this plan in April of last year. If this isn't the best blue-print to get something done on a smaller scale vis-a-vis an arena here I don't what is.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Baker - is the effort to get Clay's $30m officially dead now? I haven't seen anything in a while, and there wasn't any mention of it during the committee meetings in Olympia last week.

Mr Baker said...

"officially", no. The deadline is 12/31/2009 for legislative action.
Unofficially it is dead.

The legislators are working in Olympia, but they are not intending to hold a Special Session.

Let's say it is dead, but the legislature comes back in January and passes a bill. Is Ballmer in still?
That is the question, and a complicated one.

Do they want a new arena on the East side? I thing there are competing forces battling to keep lite rail off I-90

Kemper Freeman's car centric malls, and anybody wanting to get to Remond from Seattle, or Renton, without a bunch of stops as they have with cars.

It is hard to think of somebody developing the Safeway site without some road or lite rail improvements.

And, maybe my speculation about a fairly obvious site might just be that, speculation.
Maybe Ballmer would want this thing to drag out beyond this past summer so he can buy low, during the lockout, and remodel the Key without having a team playing in it next Winter (more speculation).

I do not know anything, really, beyond the terms of the settlement.