Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Could a vote keep the Sonics in Seattle?" NO!

No, voting down the city council's approval of Mayor Nickels settlement with Clay Bennett will not keep the team in Seattle. What it will do: force Clay Bennett to break the lease and have the city sue for damages, that might be more, or less, than 45 million dollars plus 30 million in incentives that we will never see. The team would not even make it back.

For those of you that want that Sonics team back your only chance of that rests with the Howard Schultz lawsuit, change the owner and you change the location of the team. I think this may be a long shot, but it may force the issue with the NBA and result in a more firm commitment for a a team in Seattle.
Any way you slice it, the arena is the main item to be solved.
Read the Seattle PI story here:

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