Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gregoire, I'm not Laughing

Tri Cities - Chris Mulick reports in his story, Gregoire talks deficit, Sonics, negative campaigning. Christine Gregoire thinks the political blame Dino Rossi and his supporters are placing on her is "laughable".
Here is a tip Christine, it isn't just the Rossi supporters that are lumping you in with the others that fumbled away the Sonics.
Here is the context of the report:

When asked about any blame directed her way over the loss of the Seattle SuperSonics, Gregoire called any such talk “laughable” and that it’s being exploited for “election-year politicking.”, © 2008 Tri-City Herald,

Don't laugh Governor, 127 fans that vote may see this minor issue as a tipping point for them to vote for Rossi.

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