Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Washington State Task Force for Funding KeyArena meets for the First Time

SEATTLE - Chris Daniels of (KING tv) reports that the task force that was set up by the State of Washington, as a result of producing funding for Key Arena last February, did meet for the first time. The task force is looking for the appropriate funding machanism (tax) for the specific purposes of funding activity like Key Arena, and University of Washington's Husky Stadium. There is a tax currently being collected from hotel/motel taxes in Seattle that is used to fund the Washington State Convension Center.
There is a possibility of diverting 1% of that tax toward resolving the 75 million dollars state obligation that state Democratic leaders promised to address. Why? Because the tax is collected locally and then would be spent locally.

For those people out there that think it is too early to do anything about effecting the outcome in a positive way, there is no such thing when it comes to state politics.
The task force will meet 3 more times, and publish its report on December 1st, after the Fall elections.
Feel free to contact Ross Hunter and give him words of encouragement. story here.

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