Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ed Murray Killing his own Bill?

[editor's note, I made a mistake, and later apologized].

I am being asked by donors to the Dem Party why State Senator Ed Murray is actively killing his own bill, SB6116, beyond his own distructive amendment that he filed just a few short days ago.
The arts community, low-income housing proponents have to wonder how that helps anybody, to kill this bill.

I am at a loss for words, for them, or you. Time is very short.

Have a great day,
Mr Baker

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Anonymous said...

That was pretty much a given IMO. I figured he'd pretty much had thrown in the towel by then. Why Kohl-Welles was still trying to shop it was futile. I don't know where to go from here. But I guess I have to go on. I really should consider moving out of state.

Anonymous said...

he has definitely been silent other than sliding that amendment in. very weird.

Mr Baker said...

Rep Hans Dunshee was on TVW about an hour ago saying that they do not quite yet have enough votes in the house to pass the budget, and the bond bill. They need 60, they have 64 dems but not all are ready to vote for it.

He said that if there was a special session that they are given 30 days and almost always take that long, again pushing the vote to the last few days, nobody gets paid anymore than they have gotten, so it is all about the bills.

No republican is going to vote for it.
So, one day longer is really more like 30, and all want to avoid that.

Anonymous said...

so what does that mean?

Peter said...

if this dies, will this site die with it? there is still the chance key arena could be renovated in the future, maybe with another ownership group. we lose out on the 30 mil and probably ballmer if this dies. as far as i understood the settlement, if we EVER renovate the key and get a new team, we get the sonics name.

Mr Baker said...

Budget passed. A few others have not yet. They could end up in extending the session 30 days.

Brian is done, I can understand it. I have been writing on this legislative effort since last July.

Republicans are asking FOR a redistribution of wealth in HB 1776 school levies that takes general fund money and gives that money to the have nots, or the refuse to raise your own taxes, socialism.

Parlament of whores.

Mr Baker said...

I do not know what I will write about beyond today.
I like to think of myself as a writer.
I have no plan "B".

Before this I wrote my own Sonics blog as well as at SonicsCentral.

The Sonics/NBA writing stopped last July, not by my choice. As I write this I imagine that I will keep writing something here, just not as much.
I just do not know right now.
Thanks for asking.
If/when I move on I will leave a link here to a new blog.

I will never stop writing about something.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, this death march will continue......

Anonymous said...

This is blog entry is very disappointing. This is how you treat your friends and supporters? I worked hard on this bill and got it out of committee with a bipartisan vote. I started to lose my GOP support after they where worked over by cougar fans. How disappointing.
Senator Ed Murray

Anonymous said...

Just heard from my Rep. I'm not sure what to make of it but here goes:

Thank you for your message encouraging Representative Darneille to support SB 6116. The bill passed the Senate but has not been brought up for consideration in the House of Representatives, and, as the session is due to be over in three and a half hours, it is unlikely that it will make any more progress this year. The bill will be eligible to be brought up again next year.


Nancy Ryan
Legislative Assistant to Representative Jeannie Darneille
436 B Legislative Building

Anonymous said...

nancy ryan isn't the brightest. where did she get that the bill even passed the senate?

oh, and nice job impersonating senator murray. something tells me he can spell better than that.

mr. b, i appreciate the work you put into this.

Mr Baker said...

Actually, that is Senator Murray, as he has also written an email to me.

Senator Murray, I will not tell you who has called me. I will tell you that I have been contacted and asked quite pointedly my opinion of what you are doing, and why, with the implication that beyond your amendment, and comments in the newspaper.
I, too, care about everything in that bill, though I do not completely agree with the inclusion of husky stadium without some like ligislation for other jurisdictions outside of Kibg County. But, the bill is as far as it is because of Husky Stadium, and in at least some small way, stopped where it is at due to the inclusion of Husky Stadium.

As this blog implies, I am interested in a resolution to KeyArena, as it is the anchor facility at Seattle Center. As you know, KeyArena was excluded from being included in any bill, House or Senate, with the Convention Center. Ross Hunter's excuse was that there was not enough money, and that money is the state portion going back to the general fund. Neither convention center bill got very far, but they did manage to keep Seattle Center away from that revenue source, good for them.
I was quite please seeing SB6116 show up, as was Ross Hunter. He was the second person to testify last month in favor of the bill his committee was unable to produce, or the state task force.

Back to the point of this blog post, the amendment, the declaration of the bill being "dead" and the questions I have gotten asking me (they should have been asking you) if you had changed your mind and were killing it.
Really, if 6116 was going to die this strange death I suppose passing HB 2252 would have returned something. I am about to spend a billion dollars on mass transit and nobody can afford to build low-income housing.
But I am where I am, out 30 million dollars, or 75 million dollars and the multipying effect of city and private funds.

(give Mr. Murray a break on the spelling, that blackberry has a tiny interface)

Chris K. said...

If that was indeed Ed Murray - your efforts are very much appreciated in a time when literally no one in Olympia is carrying the torch for this.

That said, I would think you'd be mindful of the fact that Sonic FANS have cornered the market on both "treatment" and "disappointment" through all of this, from all parties involved, no less elected officials.

For any politician to post they feel they've been "hard done by" Sonic FANS only further illustrates how in the end, we have been "treated" and "disappointed."

Mr Baker said...

Yes it was him, we are all dissapointed, as was he in the process, as well as my story. And I wrote an open apology to Ed Murray. I had information, right or wrong, I failed to be fair to Mr. Murray.

The opinions conflict at some point, but the facts don't, he carried the ball.

How about the people that flipped, or flat out opposed, what about them.

Mr Baker said...

And I did see Mr Murray last night on TVW tapping something on a blackberry. I also got a direct email.

Anyway, I get contacted by a variety of people, what is interesting is who contacts me, and almost always I do not say who, but I thought that it was meanful here.

Mr Baker said...

Also, I have chosen to at once apologize and take Ed's side, and take a poke at some of the tactics being used (even by those that may agree with me) let's be better people.

ChrisK said...

Again, I say Thank You to Senator Murray. I hope he can somehow lead this through while there can only a few hits of the hammer left on the last coffin nail.

I felt compelled to comment earlier on his post, nonetheless.

If anyone has anything to say about "treatment" in this whole saga, it would definitely be the FANS - well before any elected official involved.