Thursday, April 23, 2009 : Please call the state legislature!

Bills like fences are amended where they are broken. As has been mentioned everywhere, including, Senate Bill 6116 has been passed out of Rules Committee and to the Senate floor for voting.

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Mr Baker

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Anonymous said...

What of HB 2252? Can House Bill which was passed and go to the Senate, and be amended?

Mr Baker said...

Whatever you would amend 2252 for you could amend 6116 for.

My guess is that I'd this bill 6116 moves there will be an amendment to fix whatever is broken, maybe husky stadium gets boxed into wait for WSU to gel like funding, or maybe they get completely cut out, or maybe nothing happens, or maybe house bill 2281 is pushed through as a Seattle Center only bill.
Or, maybe somebody else picks up the ball and moves it forward.

Anonymous said...

mr b - where did you see that it was going to the floor?

Mr Baker said...

It has been passed to the senate floor, it is not getting a scheduled vote, because they might not have the votes to pass it. Maybe they find the votes, but putting it to a vote and having it fail kills any last minute deal making.

Last three days, here we are.

Anonymous said...

that makes sense. i'm having a hard time understanding the "2nd reading" and "3rd reading" and how all that works.

Peter said...

so what does murray's admendment you talked about on SC do? is it meant to calm the concerns of cougs?

Anonymous said...

This could be the other shoe dropping....Or it could mean nothing...Or WSU is saying "It's on like Donkey Kong"

Mr Baker said...

this had been going this way on the Coug side for a couple weeks. They really are not gaining too much, they already have one "home" game a year at qwest, they would have to give that one up and then split the Apple cup.
Local businesses in Pullnan do really well with the Apple Cup.

I do not think these are connected other than announcing it now as a way to get out of it.

Anonymous said...

mr b - let's just say for a second that kohl-welles gets this to a vote and it passes the senate. we still have no idea what the house will do, and chopp sits there. i know he voted for hb 2252, but that didn't have anything about stadiums in it. is there even time to get this done, even if all of the sudden things start going smoothly?

Mr Baker said...

Chopp could kill this, or not, and there is still time.

Anonymous said...

do we have any idea where chopp stands on the key arena part of 6116? that's pretty different than what he supported in hb2252.

Mr Baker said...

Speed would know more than I. I have not read anything that says one way or another, but that is Chopp.

It may not have been Chopp that held the house bill in the Finance Committee, Hunter may not have had the votes in his own committee, there were some nutty amendments offered (and failed) to HB2252. It was no shock to me to see Hunter testify for 6116 over his house bill.

Tru23 said...

"They should have traveled down that path starting on December 2, 2008 when they chose to make asses of themselves in front of the task force, they should have started the “what about us” argument."

Baker, you are on top of this more than anyone else (next to BR). Why do you continue to throw WSU into some large pool of you-know-what when you know full well that the loud mouths who made the most noise are a small group? And you certainly cannot fault the WSU administration for not trying to quiet them. First of all you don't know if they tried to quiet them or not. You don't know if President Floyd or AD Sterk asked the group to keep quiet. Maybe they did, and the group decided they were fighting this on their own, sans blessing from the university?

Second of all, you said this:
"But I am not in charge of anything but my opinion, and expressing that opinion to as many people as possible (including law makers)."

Don't people opposed to your position have the same right....just like you? Just because they are opposed to something and choose to say something about it doesn't make them you-know-what.

The reality is the WSU administration is doing the right thing. Keeping THEIR mouths shut is their only option right now. Let it all play out. If UW succeeds, then they have a leg to stand on. If they don't, well, WSU just goes back to trying to raise money for their next phase of their stadium upgrade, just like every other college program in the country. As someone who represents himself as some sort of authority on the subject, to the extent you have started your own blog, you have sure missed the mark on your criticisms of "WSU". You are tumbling down the rabbit hole like everyone else, looking for the scapegoat. You are no better than anyone else who screams "COUGARS S*CK!"

Mr Baker said...

I do not know that the WSU fans that act like asses in testifying to the task force, and again 3 months later to the Ways and Means Committee, are a small group. I have no proof of that.

I have been pretty clear about my goals, as the name of this blog reflect, husky stadium should not have been part of this bill, I said it 4 months ago and ever since, but they are. I have also said that WSU should get like treatment. If UW was cut out of this bill right now I would be fine with that. They have a need and a want, and other universities have similar needs and wants, ask Western. There must be a state solution, even if it is in the form of other schools having a similar style bill as the huskies have chosen to insert them selves into, that's fair.

If Brian can say we are very close and need just a little push I am not sure why I can not blame the UW/WSU battle as hurting KeyArena's chances for funding, I am not asking anybody to agree with my opinion. But I think it is fair to look at ALL of the things helping or hurting the effort for KeyArena funding as either helping or hurting.
The tactics of the WSU fans, that did not have other WSU fans taking a different tact, are open to a wide variety of observations of the people involved and those responsible for the actual school. The WSU AD could have asked some other booster to testify a different message, he could have testified himself and said something, anything, that could have lead to a win-win, rather than the bitching of WSU proponents testifying and UW proponents (Ed Murray) arguing against them.
The chose to have a conflict. If that hurt KeyArena chances then, yes, the get on the long list of people/groups to blame.
No rabbit hole, I have made these arguments from the word go, last December.

Mr Baker said...

I am sure Ross Hunter in October, December, February, March, and maybe tomorrow might think I am blaming him; or David Brewster, or the Convention Center folks, or Tom Rassmussen and the Seattle Storm, etc, every little bit helps or hurts.

I can't blame Brian, or Sonics fans.

This what I did in place of Sonics basketball, these are the playoffs, and every possession counts.
Thanks for not agreeing with me, and caring enough to say so.