Saturday, April 18, 2009

6116 Out of Ways and Means

Voted at 5:15pm, SB6116 was passed out of the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

There is a NEW clause that by 2013 Seattle has an NBA team then they get a porting of the fund for KeyArena.


Anonymous said...

where did you find the amendment stuff? i looked around, but i can't figure out that legislature site - and wouldn't be able to read the actual legislation language and understand it anyway.

Mr Baker said...

I was typing as they were discussing the amendment, voted on it, passed it and then passed the bill out of committee.
I clicked "save" on my story right after declared that it passed, 5:15pm.

I, too, am very interested in reading the actual language. As soon as they post it I will post a link here.

It sounded as if Seattle has an NBA team by 2013 then they get to keep money generated within Seattle for KeyArena renovation, providing language to satisfy the language in the settlement.

I want to read it, and find out if this is just approval with no Seattle Center slush fund. I really want the money held in the special fund motivating the city to gain the 75 over the potential 30 from Clay.

I think that if they were just given the 75 we would not see a team, or at least the same effort to make something happen.

Mr Baker said...

Tvw, channel 23 in Seattle

Anonymous said...

That's good news.....Just waiting for the immenent backlash. Sorry, I'm so used to hearing a morsel of good news regarding this stuff only to hear something devasting later. On another note. It's amusing to hear the Margarita Prentice bashing on SC. On one hand I totally understand it. But on another, when people say she's clueless about the bill getting out of the Ways and Means commitee somebody needs to get a clue here----She's the freaking chair of the commitee and she held the hearing that gave life-support SB 6116. So I don't get the bashing. She's a complex person and a politician, and was hookwinked by Bennett like most of were in the begining, but give the lady a break. She wanted an arena in her district, and who could blame her for that?

Anonymous said...

This just in. OKC Thunder players impression of their new home a collective "Meh".

Mr Baker said...

just what the pro ego needs, nobody to "bother" him.

If you are not making money of endorsements I can see how that might be ok, few superstars fit that, Karl Malone was an exception, and one strange dude.