Sunday, April 26, 2009

I apologize to Washington State Senator Ed Murray

In an unusual twist a blogger will freely apologize.
I apologize to Washington State Senator Ed Murray for a prior story questioning whether or not he was killing his own bill.

I had been contacted by those that prefer to remain anonymous, and there were a few pointed comments that simply were not fair, not to him or me. I suggest that if somebody else has issues with Ed Murray (and you know who you are) that you contact him directly.

Back to Mr. Murray.
This is blog entry is very disappointing. This is how you treat your friends and supporters? I worked hard on this bill and got it out of committee with a bipartisan vote. I started to lose my GOP support after they where worked over by cougar fans. How disappointing.
Senator Ed Murray

All fair points, and all quite true, and we should all grasp the facts as tightly as we do our own opinions (including yours truly).

Senator Murray, let me know how I can help you move the rest of what is in the bill forward.

SB6616 had Husky stadium essentially stripped out of it with a Striker amendment to SB6116.

The questions become: does the rest of the bill come back in a special session?

Yes, I'd like KeyArena solution (as it is a little white elephant without one), but even bigger I am building a billion dollar light rail system and nobody can afford to build affordable housing. Having lived in "affordable" housing, I know what a lot of people don't know, and I hope as many others at least have that.

The arts were screwed, let's leave it at that. They could use some real support that doesn't come and go with the whims of economies and legislatures. A long term solution for King County is there in SB6116

Had the needs driven the press rather than the sensational wants we might have had a better chance, maybe not, I don't know anymore.

Back to toiling.

Have a great day,
Mr Baker

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Anonymous said...

Great article by Thiel:

Mr Baker said...

A fine story, glad he could show up, though he would be freaking out if it was the Mariners.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he spared anyone in the article. He speaks for me in the regard, with some noted exceptions---That working with the state legislature is becomming futile. And my rep in the house---one Jeanne Darneille wont even address it in her correspondence. I want to ask her "Hey if you're against this legislation so be it, but can you given me some good reasons why you are?" You know as well as I do that 6116 also will effect the M's when the roof needs repairs in a few years as well. I like Art's take on this, and he was pretty vocal throughout the whole debacle when the team ultimately left. He just moved on.