Sunday, May 31, 2009

Commando Dave says "I'm throwin' a '79 SuperSonics Party!"

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From: Commando Dave
Date: May 28, 2009 12:28:51 PM PDT
To: Communicate.with.Mike (at)
Subject: I'm throwin' a '79 SuperSonics Party!

Hey Mike:

Check out

Would be COOL if you were there!


Even COOLER if you "Blog it!"

Hope to see you.

Commando Dave

Point Man of the FANS REVOLUTION


The Official Sports Fan Union


Peter said...

kinda off topic, but i wrote kohl-welles over the weekend and asked her how things were going in regards to the special session in sept or not, but i still haven't heard a reply. she's probably busy working on the special session. this may sound like a dumb question, but i've never written an elected official. how long does it usually take for a reply? what info are you supposed to include in the email? i just put my name and email address.

Mr Baker said...

Depending on how many emails she has on any given day it could take a few days for a reply.

It also depends on the person you are contacting.
Many of these legislators also have other jobs, for example, Senate Majority Leader Lise Brown teaches at Gonzaga. I do not know if this is the case with Kohl-Welles.

Peter said...

i sent the email on may 27. i used the official leg website to find her address. was i right to include only my name and email address?

Peter said...

this is the address i used:

Mr Baker said...

That was perfectly fine. You should know that at the very least she know that somebody is interested in what she is doing, and that you support her efforts.

Peter said...

this is the message i sent:


my name is peter graef and i really want to see senate bill 6116 pass this year, which would enable seattle to pursue another NBA team. i am wondering what the status of the potential september special session is. if there is a special session, what odds do you give this bill of passing? i am also wondering what i can do to help get SB 6116 passed.

thank you,

peter graef


Anonymous said...

Finally had a chance to get a listen to KC's interview with David Stern. Kevin's great. But I wished he would've asked when Stern was going to retire.

Anonymous said...

KC "the man" interviews Stern: