Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles: Will push for stadium bill in special session

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SEATTLE - It appears we have somebody beyond Sonics fans that actually cares about KeyArena and Seattle Center. Sure, Seattle Center is in Jeanne Kohl-Welles' State Senatorial district.

But let's not act as if it were not the responsibility of Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, and the Seattle City Council, you know, people running for re-election.

She is being public about her role and responsibility, how refreshing. Let's hope, for this city's sake, she makes this work in September.

Read the story here: sen-jeanne-kohl-welles-will-push-for-stadium-bill-in-special-session
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Anonymous said...

Kudos to her and I wish her the best of luck.

Peter said...

is there even any chance at all that this special session will happen in september? i don't know.

Mr Baker said...

Yes, there is a chance.

See, calling a special session 3 weeks ago, or in June means calling all the legislators back from around the state and spending $20,000 a day in running the capital.

In September the legislators are scheduled to return to work on committees and boards, they are all there anyway. Calling a special session at that point is a little less special, and more likely then than in June.

Peter said...

where's ed murray in all this? if there is a special session, will he push 6116 as much as kohl-welles? is he working with kohl-welles on getting a special session for september?

Mr Baker said...

I have not heard, but I expect he will support the effort.

Today is, I think, the last day the governor has to sign or veto the bills passed this last session.
Many of them take effect July 1st.
In between now and then the next economic forecast comes out.
I do not think we will hear much about a September Special Session until late June, at the soonest.

The other thing that should happen at the end of Jund is the NBA cap number will be set, based on their revenue.