Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seattle Times: Lawmakers say no special legislative session

In the unlikely event they call a Special Session in June, I'll post
something about that activity (or non-activity).
I might stick around for the funeral the city will have.

The city has a problem, among many, and none will get any help from
the legislature.
Time for Seattle to just worry about Seattle.

Thank you Brian, Steve, Adam, Ed Murray, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, and Ross
Hunter for being somebody.

Thank you "Anonymous", Peter, DBF, posters and the unusually large
number of readers.

I have no idea what happens now, but I know what is not going to
happen. I am not letting a few people off the hook, that got us here,
the place we never should have been.

I like to write, I'll write about something else, sooner or later, and
I will leave a link here when I figure it out. I have a strange
feeling it will be politics.

This is not likely my last footprint here, I just wanted to catch a
few people before they headed to the exits.

Have a great day,
Mr Baker

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike Baker for being the intelligent and informed voice of a lost generation of Sonic fans and people that wanted to see Seattle Center remain a relevant destination into the 21st Century. Thiel was right---You can't convert zealots. And with the economy as a worthy excuse it was a fait accompli. I guess I'll just keep my knuckle-dragging, sports-loving, dispensible income having self in Pierce County for the time being. If you continue to write, I'll continue to read it. Bon Chance.

One of the "anonymous"---jp1979

Anonymous said...

from another of the anonymous, job well done. you kept up with things and were right on the money in your reporting of facts - not necessarily of your predictions, but i realize that is all they were, and you got led astray like the rest of us by the politicos. thanks for all your work. it's been a ride, albeit not a fun one, and not one that ends with me wanting to get back on again. cheers.

Peter said...

i know it is discouraging, but people need to keep their heads up. i am confident when the economy gets better and the excuses are gone, a reasonable proposal will come forward and some deal will get done. whether we like it or not, a lot of people find it in bad taste to pass a bill like this when the budget is this bad. that said, if a good proposal in a good economy comes forward in the future, i am not ruling out the leg helping. when the budget looks better, the excuses will be gone, and something will get done.

Peter said...

if we would have had this offer three years ago when the budget was better, we wouldn't even be having this discussion now.

Peter said...

the more i think of it, the article by peter callaghan i posted a link to a few weeks ago had some truths to it. i'm not saying i agree with it, but the budget and economy made legislators scared to do anything. they were too afraid of being cast as spending money on sports and culture while the economy crumbles. regardless of whether or not it comes from the general fund, legisators just don't want to explain that fact to people because they will never understand.safeco and qwest were easier sales because the economy was the best we have arguably seen. now it is the worst in a generation.