Friday, May 1, 2009

It's the booze talkin'

My beer cap has more common sense than sometimes even I display.


Indeed, my advise to others at this point is not any more complicated than that three word gift from my beer.


Peter said...

so, given what gregoire had to say in her "interview" with the seattle times, what's to say even if we get a agreement in the special session, she won't veto whatever bill passes? just a thought.

Mr Baker said...

Great question, Peter. This really gets back to the interview's point.
She said that she told the legislature leadership to not bother bringing up bills that do not have anything to do with the budget, because she would just veto them.
Later in the interview she was asked about 6116. She said it was unlikely that it would be one of the bills they would consider.
She, I think, would have said that they should not bother. She didn't.
She could have said that they should not consider it.
She didn't.
If it showed up on her desk she would sign it.
It would only get there if it were considered.
It only gets considered if it is about it's effect on the budget, or stimulus, or helping people impacted by the budget.
If SOS is going to get anything considered it must focus on its positive effect on the economy.

Mr Baker said...

I was just watching two reporters on TVW, one said that a one day special session is nice idea but republicans might bring up bills not agreed to, offer floor amendments to slow down bills they do not like, implying that calling a special session for one day is not completely up to the governor.