Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crosscut Seattle - Did Howard Schultz pull the last plug for the Sonics?

"Chopp felt like he was being used by Bennett, who only wanted to move the team and needed local politicians to blame." David Brewster,
The irony is that is exactly what happened, Chopp did not act and guess what Frank, it is put on you. The retry at funding will be put at your feet again, Clay Bennett's gone, who can you blame for your inaction this time?
I'm sure you will think of somebody, other than yourself, of course.

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Mr Baker

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Anonymous said...

Boy, it's getting pretty depressing on the SC site. It sure would be nice to hear from Brian or Steve in the near future.

Mr Baker said...

I have said enough on that site about communication, and carried the ball.
I really do not know what they are doing, Brian has commented in the site about having meetings and working. The fact is that Brian and Steve have political power that is measured by the support they have. If they do not communicate in a meaningful way on a regular basis they will lose even the most interested supporters.
Who are they then? 2 guys that used-to-be SOS.
Selfishly, that does not help me get the arena.
It is up to Brian to make that site go, or not.
Like Xteve, I just need to step back and away from all the downer talk.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. Getting back on the NHL proposition though... I'm curious about a scenario in which an NHL team were to come to a renovated Key would and the NBA balks on either moving or awarding the city a franchise would Bennett still owe the city $30 mil?

Mr Baker said...

the state must provide 1/4 of the revenue for a rebuild to support an NBA facility, and there must be a willing buyer for a team (Ballmer). If that is in place and a team can not be had, then Bennett owes 30 mil. Seattle does not have to do the rebuild, just have the funding sources in place.
Adding more remodeling cost on top of that to fit the NHL the state portion may have to grow to cover 1/4 of that added statement if work or the cost would have to be added on top. Not impossible, the question is if it is worth the cost in investment to try it.
What can not happen is that this idea muddles the water, and the state folks get confused, thinking that they have to pay more, or, the point at the more private money and tell the privates to pay for the whole thing. Seattle could lose both the state funding and the potential 30 million.

Anonymous said...

Well in my NHL scenario any remodel funding would come from a private source. IE another party partnering up with the Griffin Group.

dick tate said...

Have you ever been to a T-Birds game and seen the seating configuration? The seats and luxury boxes on one end can't even see the action at one of the goals. The footprint for Key Arena won't work for the NHL. It would require an entire teardown and rebuild, probably doubling the cost of he project. Better off builing a new building if you want the NHL (B2 - we need you!).

Re SOS: The Hoopsworld (I think) article that mentioned the rumor of Brian having ownership interests in a new team... curious to know what's to or behind that. Could explain quite a few of SOS's motivations and why they now choose to operate behind the scenes.

Mr Baker said...

Ballmer is going to spend 150 million dollars to resolve the suite and luxary "problem" with Key Arena. I have not had that problem, though I have great empathy for the money not spent by those monitarily effected.
I know Key Arena will not work for the NHL, I also know that the Washington State Convention Center people are on Frank Chopp's good side (see David Brewster writing about the Convention Center wanting money and to expand off-site and the story before was Brewster writing Chopp's opinion of the push for arena funding).
I think you put those two things together, Key Arena rebuild and WSCC expanding to a NEW building off-site, and I think we are really close to a new arena with more state funding, and more convention space, big enough for the NHL.
That is the way I would push this if I were either party.

About Brian, I do not know if there is anything to that old rumor, that being out there works to his advantage, not writing much at SC or anything on the SOS site hurts.
He has always been secretive, do not read anything into that.
It is hard for those that want to follow him to do so if they do not know where he is or where he is going, I feel bad for those people.

Mr Baker said...

more state funding but not a bigger % of funding, the city and privates would have to pay more too if a new building were to happen.