Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fan's Case Still Alive

Lately, looking at reminds me of looking into a
pond at the Japanese Garden in Seattle on a cool Spring morning. You
look into the still water, is there anything going on in there?
Yesterday, Brian Robinson surfaced like one of those koi.
The fan's court case is still alive, and Mr Robinson has been advised
to be silent.

Have a great day,
Mr Baker

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Anonymous said...

This is without a doubt "annus horribilus" for Seattle sports teams and fans---except Storm fans I guess. Whoopie. Things have to turn around sometime. They just have to.

Mr Baker said...

unlike the trolls at SC I think the NBA will be back soon. We are all just in the longest off-season ever, my guess is 2 years.
Along the way the question of fan support in NO, and Memohis bleeding money, and the limited prospects for Bob's Bobcats.
Like it, or not, the conversation will turn that direction as soon as the season starts.
As far as NO goes, Seattle should welcome their fans and team to relocate here.

Anonymous said...

I try to be optimistic but with the money grubbing coming this next legislative session it's hard to keep the faith. The picture seems to get more clouded with the Convention Center jumping into the mix. But I think their proposal is late and probably wont be ready by this coming session. Also I'm hearing that the ECC is still working on something. What? I don't know since I think that Nickels pretty much did an end-around to securing the Key Arena's (and Seattle Center's) future, which is fine by me. But I'm curious to see what if anything they have to offer. Hopefully it would be something in the way of working together with the Griffin Group. If not we may turn into L.A. With a scatter-shot proposals from the private sector for venues and a luddite laden city and county council unwilling to move forward and get something done.

dick tate said...

So, will the ticket holder's lawsuit keep the voice of SOS quiet through the next legislative session? That goofy case may actually help Bennett save $30 million. Kinda ironic.

Mr Baker said...

or, it might keep it alive in the public mind without politicians having to be involved.
It could help in that way.