Monday, September 22, 2008

Dively says "Put Sonics settlement toward KeyArena debt, budget director says", Seattle Times Newspaper

And I say, screw you.
The city claimed to have 19 million dollars budgeted in the general
fund fir things like this. The city was the one that took they buyout,
causing the lawyer's fees to be encurred. That on the city.

The Key Arena debt should be retired.
The Seattle Center direction stated in the council sub-committee last
month that the Key Arena would not lose money once the debt was retired.
The 2007 mayor's study stated that the arena would require 30 million
dollars in investment if the Sonics were to leave, to make it at least
acceptable as a "minor league" venue.
That is 23 million plus 30 million, looks like the city needs to put
up 8 million, not suck money out of it and funnel it away to the
general fund.

Have a great day,
Mr Baker

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