Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sports Media: FSN to expand Pac-10 coverage

No Blazers for you!

As I had mentioned here and there, somewhere, that local media will
turn to local stories, rather than importing Blazer games and NBA games.
FSN will go to more PAC 10 broadcasts and Seahawk talk shows.
FSN has reduced some staff.
Two sport town, I do not care for the sound if that, no, not even a

Read the PI story here:

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Anonymous said...

Geez, I thought I'd at least be able to catch a Blazer game now and then. That's Craptastic!

Anonymous said...

I take it you've read David Brewster's article regarding the Convention Center. If you haven't here's the link:

One of the interesting points was the possible location at the waterfront. Having an arena adjacent to a convention center is something that has been kicked around since 2004 with Frank Stagen and ressurected with the ECC. Just more grist for the mill and more hands out for state money.

Mr Baker said...

I was posing my thread while you were writing this.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I followed your link from sonicscentral. Although I'm not prepared to say I'd like to start following the Blazers, the lack of any sort of nightly NBA action will suck and it just strikes me as the station presuming that the area has no interest in pro ball. Maybe so, but is it really more cost-effective to patch together more local interest stories to pass the hours?

Mr Baker said...

I will not follow the Blazers, though I will follow the business stories of the NBA.
Do not really care if people do or do not. I did grow tired of Clint so I marked his last post as spam, so he's not likely to return there.
I understand people following a local connection or a team near Seattle. When I was little my dad followed the SF Giants. When the Pilots came he took me to a couple games, I was young enough to get in free. When they left he really did not follow baseball much, neither did I, I kind of remember my dad being sour on baseball, or refusing to follow the Giants again. When the M's and Seahawks came he got Seahawks season tickets, not Mariners.
I think the population will be polarized about the NBA in a similar way, some people will still follow the NBA, nearly as many will be bitter, the rest like me will cut the lawn more often.
When they return I will likely watch the Seattle team.
The Sonics did not have very good ratings the last year, thanks to Bennett. There is no point in FSN trying to promote the broadcasts of a team in another state, for the benefit of another company, comcast in Portland. If fsn had the rights in Portland we absolutely would have the Blazers broadcasts. Content is king, and fsn just lost 70 major league broadcasts.
This is good for the huskies'minor sports and the PaC 10.