Friday, August 29, 2008

"Brian may be heavily involved, possibly as a minority owner."

As re-reported in Hoopsworld, by Steve Kyler, Brian Robinson was "served a standard Subpoena during the course of my business day".

The rumor at the end of the story in interesting.
There is a back story to Brian's involvement in this issue. When Brian left HOOPSWORLD he was heavily involved in Clay Bennett's push to get a new arena, often dropping us notes and e-mails giving us the very latest from inside Clay's inner circle. When Clay decided to end pursuit of an arena and possible relocation, Brian changed from supporter to activist and founded Save Our Sonics and led a very public push to keep the team in Seattle. Sources close to the situation believe if Seattle is awarded a new NBA franchise at some point in the future, Brian may be heavily involved, possibly as a minority owner.

If Brian Robinson was getting sued because of, it would not be because of anything Brian has written. Brian has been pretty careful about what he has said online, much the the dismay of many of his readers.

What he hasn't said publicly, that is documented, may become part of the public record. The nature of his involvement, and his relationships with the Sonics, does not protect him from having to submit. It might not matter anyway, Brian Robinson is not the first parson, and absolutely not the last person, Clay Bennett allegedly lied to and used in order to commit his alleged fraud. It's enough to make a guy angry.

Telling lies is not against the law, doing it to induce somebody to act when they might not otherwise, for Bennett's material gain is called a fraud by Howard Schultz.

Mr. Robinson's relationships with both the Schultz and Bennett ownership groups may be a double-edged sword.

We shall see.

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