Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Shout Out to Jerry Brewer "No hero, but Schultz sticks with Sonics fight"

What I am shouting is SCREW YOU!
Cynical Jerry Brewer ignored the points along the way, that Brewer cites, where Howard Schultz did not live down to Mr Brewer's negative hopes to arrive at... more negative hopes expressed by Mr Brewer. In order for Brewer to be right about his negative projections of Mr Schultz motivations and outcomes Mr Schultz will have to fail in his current effort. Mr Brewer admits that he has yet to be correct in his characterizations of the efforts Mr Schultz and his current lawsuit. Still, Jerry Brewer beats the drum of doom. This effort may not bring the team back from Oklahoma City, even though the Hornets moved there for two years and then left, regardless, at least recognize Mr Schultz is worthy of forgiveness. But then, you would have to admit you are wrong in all the motivations you have made up and projected on Mr Schultz. You don't know shit, neither do I, but one of us is capable of forgiveness, and it ain't you.

Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times fails to find forgiveness on Sunday morning.

Have a great day,
Mr Baker

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