Thursday, August 7, 2008

Schultz Lawyer Answers PBC's Statement on Spilitting the Trial in Two

As reported by Greg Johns, of the Seattle PI (the reporter that's actually working on the story), Schultz's lawyer has provided a response to the PBC's issues with splitting the trial in to two parts; the harm, then the remedy.
PBC does not want two trials because they have "anxiety" over the fraud charges.
Hmmm, wonder why?
PBC needs the case to be a rushed, jumbled, complex, mess. They need the case to be iconic, both sides do, iconic of the vision of the result of the actual result of the case.
Sideshow Brad Keller needs the judge to grow tired of the circus and give up on the idea of justice.
The most excellent Richard Yarmuth needs the fraud to be exposed on its own, that ensures that some kind of remedy is required. Another chance to explain the facts are different than they are for Clay.
Good luck with that, fat head.

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