Sunday, August 10, 2008

USA Basketball: Rules, Rule!

Over the past few years the NBA has made rule changes to effect the game, to add movement, reduce contact of offensive players, and make defense something defined by having possession of the basketball or not.

I prefer the international floor, the key in particular. The NBA has that half-circle the NBA has is supposed to keep defenders from diving under players driving to the basket. The international floor does not need anything like that because the width of the key at the baseline is 19-feet wide. The NBA key is 16-feet wide. Making defenders take an extra step from outside the key to defend the basket opens up that driving lane without that need for referees making split-second calls on a defender's feet inside or outside that half-circle. Change the shape of the NBA key to the international key, get rid of the half-circle.

I also prefer the hands defense of the international game.
I prefer the contact that is allowed in the international game, the body surfing in the NBA is pathetic.
I prefer the goal tending rule of the NBA, the length of quarters.
I prefer the talent level in the NBA.

I just watched USA v. China in the Olympic Games. Watching Team USA defend the point guards bringing the ball up was great to watch. Wade stripped his man with the ball and had a break away dunk. That same contact that allowed for the strip would have cost Wade a foul in the NBA. Isn't that Fantastic!
The rules that allowed Gary Payton to be the NBA defensive player of the year 12 years ago do not exist today, and the NBA is not better for the change.
Combine those things and that is what I would prefer to watch and play.

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