Saturday, August 2, 2008

Seattle City Council - Parks and Seattle Center Committe

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008, the Parks & Seattle Center Committee will meet at 9:30 am. On the agenda is item #4 RES. 31071 Adopting the Seattle Center Century 21 Master PlanDISCUSSION & POSSIBLE VOTE
Here is link to the Seattle Center Master Plan, caution, big pdf file. The one I have linked is from March.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
9:30 a.m.

Note: Public Comment is limited to issues on the meeting agenda
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held in Council Chambers on the
2nd floor of City Hall, 600 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, Washington


1. Chair’s Report REPORT
2. Public Comment
3. Monthly Director’s Report
Presenter: Robert Nellams, Director, Seattle Center
(20 minutes) REPORT

4. RES. 31071 Adopting the Seattle Center Century 21 Master Plan.
Presenters: Robert Nellams, Director, Seattle Center; Christa Valles and
Sara Belz, Council Central Staff

5. RES. Relating to the Department of Parks and Recreation, Aquarium
Program; establishing principles to guide the development of an
agreement between The City of Seattle and the Seattle Aquarium
Society for the Society’s long-term lease, management and
operation of the Seattle Aquarium; including the possible transition
of City employees at the Seattle Aquarium to Society employment.
Presenters: John Braden, Director, Seattle Aquarium; Robert Davidson,
CEO, Seattle Aquarium Society; Kieu-Anh King, Council Central Staff

6. Monthly Superintendent’s Report
Presenter: Tim Gallagher, Superintendent, Department of Parks and
(20 minutes) REPORT

Link to Seattle City Council's Parks and Seattle Center sub-committee is here:Parks & Seattle Center Committee
They meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday's of each month, 9:30 am.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.B,

I'm waiting in anticipation that this thing squeezes through the next legislative session even with state cut-backs and the overall negativity permeating in Seattle regarding pro sports (especially the NBA). But the proposal on the table for the arena renovation needs to be comprehensive in scope and multi-use in concept. I'd like to hear something positive in that regard. I noticed that you asked Brian Robinson about any new developments. I'm curious to know anything. With the Sonics gone I'm not even all that jacked for football season. Later.