Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Crunch time in Seattle sports" Art Thiel

Thiel makes nessisary light of the fall of Aubrey McClendon. Then he
goes on to say that Key Arena and Huskie stadium face a tough economy
for requesting public money.

The Key Arena project has a payoff for all of the public money.


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nick said...

aubrey mcclendon is bad ceo and owner and tv co-owner and wnba owner

Mr Baker said...

he sold the wnba team because the market wasn't there in OKC for it, that was good.
Don't know about tv ownership.
The relocation of the NBA team was a poor investment, they overpaid to buy, to leave. Owning the franchise depends on it operating in the black and the franchise retaining its value.
Time will tell on that. Moving a 350 million dollar property from Seattle to OKC will require a lot of profit to make up for its loss in value due to the market change.
If franchise players leave on top of that, then there isn't anything else to call it but bad.

Anonymous said...

You wanna know what Gov. Gregoire really thinks about funding Key Arena? It's sounds pretty grim if she gets re-elected.


Anonymous said...

She will sell us sports fans out again and she said as much. And it doesn't matter if you're an NBA, NHL or Arena League Football fan.

dead ball foul said...

I can't wait to vote her out. It's gonna be sweet.

Big thumbs up to Baker for this now being the blog to come to for current relevant articles. No other blogs or news sites are anywhere close atm. Much appreciated.

Mr Baker said...

let's take bigger view for a second.

As poorly as she articulated a plan and solution as it was, she is FOR a solution.
As powerless and weasely as he is, he did not say anything about the state Task Force activity, but he is FOR the solution as described last February.

win-win, both came out for it in some way. You could have had either one flop on this to just take the other side.
So we have something going in to the legislature on the side of supporting a solution.

He would have to pick up the ball she is NOW identified as carrying.
There weren't any show stoppers by the positions they took.
This as I have hoped.
She did not get the legislature to move, and said he did not get the republicans to support, both are now on the hook to do that in some way.

Mr Baker said...

lastly, big props to king5 for asking the question, Jean Enerson followed up to get Rossi to support the current activity, he sidestepped that and went right back at Gregoire.
Like it or not, the Task Force is the vehicle for state funding, he needed to support that, or he could say he does not like the method.

Both need tending to, both have limited power, both took some position for a solution.

Anonymous said...

I like your perspective---rational and optimistic, but from my vantage point she would be ready to waffle again if the wind blows another direction. Rossi seemed to stick his neck out in the spring and now.

Mr Baker said...

as of last night they both have less waffle room, had Rossi put this in an ad should would have had to oppose whatever he said in some way. There is a chance either will win, we need both on this side no matter who wins.

It is the nature of the forum that allowed finer points to be made in real time, had this gone through some ad it would have hurt no matter which person took the obviously better side :)
Again, props to king5 for asking the question.