Saturday, October 25, 2008


Here is the link to the Joint Task Force on Local Financing Options for King County

And the October 1st meeting where they collected presentations. Including information on the current arenas in the NBA, directly linked here.

The July 10th letter from the Mayor of Seattle describes the request that is consistent with all media reports over the past three months, including yesterday.
Letter from Mayor Nichols, Gregory J Nichols, Mayor of Seattle

Here is the direct link to the Qwest Field presentation, QWEST FIELD AND EVENT CENTER
Presentation to Joint Task Force,
King County Local Financing
October 1, 2008

Here is the University of Washington's blog post from July, their presentation is here!

Here is an unofficial and independent source of input and information, and is not affiliated with any school, team or league. called Tell a Husky! supporting the University of Washington's effort.

Some day there will be a Seattle Center presentation, right?


Anonymous said...

This is a great site with a lot of info. I was not aware of the letter from Mayor Nickles to Ross Hunter or the meetings that have gone on to look at this arena process moving forward. I will visit here more often as I like the info I get. Keep up the good work.

Sonics Man

Mr Baker said...

thanks, it was a struggle to get the info.
I found the Qwest presentation that had the path back to the state site with the meetings and documents on it.
I found the UW blog the day the put out their presentation.

The closest thing we have to a Key Arena proposal right now is the Nickels letter. They have been on message, that message, for months. If you ready any quotes over the past couple months you see the same stuff in the letter. Pretty impressive message disipline.

I will keep this blog going until the city, or whoever, puts up something official, or after the funding is approved..

The focus shifts in a big way from the state to Ballmer and the NBA.

Anonymous said...

From the trash pile and front page of the Times here's columnist and Storm fan Nicole Broduer......

Anonymous said...

More from the Times; Some push-back opinion from the WSTCC:

Mr Baker said...

thanks for the tip

I responded there.

They do not have a need, they have a want.
"Pre-planning" is thinking about thinking about doing something.

Anonymous said...

Nice article by Dave Boling---The anti-McGrath

dead ball foul said...

"Some day there will be a Seattle Center presentation, right?"

December 1st

(Eric Williams awoke from hibernation.)

dead ball foul said...

dead ball foul said...

Damn link cutoff!
Eh, you'll find it.

Mr Baker said...

Dick, the last 2 paragraphs of Eric D. Williams' story should be of interest to people.

Read it carefully, it says there is a lobbying group and Brian is part of it.
There isn't a Sonics to Save anymore, and it looks like Brian is taking things into his own hands in a formal way.