Wednesday, October 8, 2008

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I am happy that Kevin Pelton found a way to keep going with the Seattle Storm.

Still, reading it gave me the blues, not sad, but the blues, knocked down, feeling old, and been done wrong, a bad western.

I am happy for Kevin, 6 years ago he caught the break, whirled in the blender of other people's blunder, and stands on his feet at the end. Tornados rip up houses and leave a few things in tact, as if. . .
Lucky him.

There wasn't anything natural about this disaster though. 5 or 6 years ago several of us "regulars" were unhappy with the reformat of the ESPN message boards, and the level of conversation, and maybe there was a lack of a sense of place. So, we escaped, 10 or 15 of us,
then 25 and more, and recruted people on other boards, alt.sonics, etc, and formed a group. Along that way a few of us put up web pages for fun and sport, when Kevin escaped to the bigtime, he left Sonicscentral site (not the stat portion where the grownups perfected
The runaways from the other message boards churned out ideas of making a site, or taking over another one. Brian Robinson picked up Sonicscentral and a few if us agreed to write, the "Magnificent Seven". Really, Big Chris and Xteve really carried the mail pre and post game.
Media consumers keep coming back if they know there will be something new there on a regular basis. They, and Brian, did a great job.
They did.

Well, no point in waiting for FEMA.

I am inviting everybody that can, to get on with your lives. Enjoy the game again. I am going to try, maybe not today, but when the season starts, I am going to try.
I will keep this little blog going until there is no reason for it. I'll see if I can be the bigger person, bigger than Stern and Bennett. In the long run, they will be just as dead as everybody else. Life is too short for bitterness.
Let's go.

Have a great day,
Mr Baker

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Well put Mr. B