Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Gary Payton trying to get NBA team in Seattle" Seattle Times Newspaper

This is great, a competing group to the Ballmer group, competing to be the one to own the team in this market.
Matt Griffin has said in the past that his group, Seattle Center Investors (SCI), is as their name implies. They do not want a dead Key Arena, that hurts the Seattle Center, in turn hurts Seattle.

GP's comments center around getting a franchise back here by 2011.

Let's get together and it will be alright.

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dead ball foul said...

He is contacting other former players to put a group together to approach the local financial interests to get a Key Arena solution done.

Please explain how you came to this conclusion. I did not see anything in the article about where Gary's team would play. It would obviously be somewhere in the Seattle area, however there wasn't one word about a remodel.

dead ball foul said...

Sorry, wrong thread. I'll post it in the PI article thread.