Thursday, October 16, 2008

"UW regents approve cash for stadium renovation", News for Seattle, Washington

Today on KING tv's 5pm news broadcast reporter Chris Daniels said that the University of Washington has authorized spending $3,000,000.00 on preplanning for Husky Stadium's $300,000,000.00 rebuild.

Mr. Daniels did report, as I have made clear, that the university is looking to tap the existing hotel/motel car rental taxes that are currently paying off Safeco and Qwest construction costs, to cover half of the cost. This is not the same tax the City of Seattle is interested in, that being a hotel tax being used by the Washington State Trade and Convention Center.

Comparitively, Key Arena looks smaller, since the city is paying 1/4 of the cost, with the city and state getting their return on investment on user taxes collected at and around Sonics games. It isn't clear yet what the return on investment is back to the state is on Husky Stadium rebuild. UW Athletic Director, Mr. Woodward, went ahead and said the economy could use the jobs.
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Anonymous said...

How long before these NIMBY knuckleheads start pitting these projects against each other?

Mr Baker said...

Chris Daniels was pretty careful to identify that the funding sources were not the same, in a story about the UW that people will pay more attention to, because it is the UW. I am standing on campus right now by the quad.
The are short on details, and they are asking for more state money for a project that costs the same.

Anonymous said...

What's the latest on Ross Hunter's task force?

Mr Baker said...

I'll look around. The UW proposal in the next thread comes right off the UW web site.
I'll see if I can not get information by going that direction.