Tuesday, October 14, 2008

James Donaldson not as optimistic as Gary Payton about NBA team" Seattle Times Newspaper

Fair enough, Donaldson is not wanting to be part of an ownership
group, but to be a Seattle City Councilman in place of Nick Licata, or
Jan Drago, or Richard McGyver (sp).
I would rather have him on the council than the ownership group.

On his second point, the NBA not returning for 5-10 years is pretty
far out. The only thing keeping a team from relocating to Seattle on,
or shortly after, 2011 is renovating Key Arena.

It is tough to see California getting a new arena deal approved for
the Kings next year. David Stern was pleased to announce a group
including the NBA was working on a solution, he also said they would
work on it for one year.

The Griz are bleeding money, 5-7 million a year no matter what the do.

The Hornets have had its population evacuate a couple months ago to
avoid another natural disaster, couple that with this economy, and it
will be tough for them to hit the ticket sales the owner, Greorge
Shinn, has set.

The Charlotte Bobcats are a money loser, but the lease is going to be
tough to get out of.


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Anonymous said...

Gotta say I prefer the Glove's optimism over Donaldson pessimism. Gary needs to be talking to Mr. Griffin and Mr. Ballmer.

Mr Baker said...

If only the owner of the Seahawks knew Steve Ballmer. Why, should we guess, did the Seahawks pick Gary Payton of all people to raise the 12th man flag?

Clearly Ballmer and Griffin need a know NBA name to push on the basketball side and fan side, to gain support.
Let's thank Paul Allen for helping in a small way.

On the ego note, this is not likely about GP's HOF, more like how he sees himself in a Michael Jordan light, skip coaching and go into owning and being a president. This is the best and quickest way to that spot.