Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Maybe Sonics leaving town isn’t so bad" John McGrath,

Short sighted, baseball sufferer, and bitter basketball observer, John McGrath says that "Maybe the Sonics Leaving Town" is not such a bad thing. I agree that the franchise owner is horrible, but franchise owners come and go, less often than GM's and coaches, and players, and sports reporters, but they do change. But, a franchise should outlast all that, it is part of my cultural life, it should outlive me. I am hopeful that the State of Washington, the City of Seattle, Steve Ballmer, and you can right the wrong. While there are activities at the state level going on we have John McGrath writing shit like this.

John McGrath, you are no help.

Have a great day,
Mr Baker

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of that bitter, lame-brained, loser. He has no sense at all. It amazes me that he actually can make a living off of his studid diatribes. He writes crap like this just to be provactive and nasty towards a sport he hates.

Mr Baker said...

there is a busload of these guys, Steve Sandmeyer is on the same bench seat.

From their profession it is a bit strange since, fewer sports requires fewer local sports people trying to make a living.
Ask the people at FoxSports NW. As long as you do not mind living the life of Brian Davis, it's cool, but, if you want to buy a house and have a career, then you can not have the market change under you.

Anonymous said...

McGrath loves going off into the deep end....Here's to hoping he drowns in it with a pink slip.

dead ball foul said...

The TNT still talks about basketball? I don’t even bother to check there for new articles anymore. Eric Williams went MIA ages ago. Looks like they finally had to bump the ’07 article about Stuckey’s draft stock rising to make room for this tripe. TNT, you rule!

Anonymous said...

I think SC is officially down. That is not a good thing.

dead ball foul said...

How about that odd nothing post from Brian a couple of days ago that never had a follow-up?

Mr Baker said...

this happened before, it was domain admin stuff then, could have been something as simple as having an old credit card with an old experation date connected to an auto pay, could be something even less meaningful, though the host email they have for Brian may go to "admin@".

Read nothing into it.

He posted a new story.