Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In "Other News"

OT (off topic)...
Today U.S News & World Report has reported a major discovery: The
Obesity Gene Linked is to Colon Cancer and Other News.
The big question is: what "Other News" is the Obesity Gene linked to?

Hey, maybe the other news is the Seattle 2009-2010 Proposed City Budget process has started.

Mayor Greg Nickels has added to the CIP (Cap Improvement) in his proposed budget a line item in the CULTURE AND RECREATION section, sub-section Seattle Center in the Narrative on page #2 "In addition, funding is added in 2009 and 2010 for general building improvements at KeyArena."

Seattle Center Project Detail
PDF page 9 of 26 (181 of the budget) has the following item: KeyArena Improvements & Repairs
This ongoing project provides for major maintenance and improvements to KeyArena. Improvements may include, but
are not limited to, lighting upgrades, replacement of the basketball floor and other event components, creation of special
seating sections and partial house configurations to increase revenue, technology upgrades, and funding of concept plans
for future facility upgrades. These improvements both maintain basic building operations and facility integrity and
enhance KeyArena’s position in the highly competitive sports and entertainment marketplace.

As always "*This detail is for information only. Funds are appropriated in the budget at the Budget Control Level. Amounts in thousands of dollars."

As noted on the Seattle City Council web page, public comment is encouraged.

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