Saturday, October 18, 2008

"KeyArena scrambles to fill dates left by Sonics",

Half of the dates left open by taking the buyout from Bennett have been filled. Businesses around the arena do not think shows like "Thomas the Tank Engine" will bring as much activity. Seattle University is expected to announce a basketball game in January to be played there, and possibly more.

The claim is that these individual events can bring in more money per event. The problem is that there are half as many, and nobody can say that these activities could not have been booked to take place between NBA basketball games. It isn't as if every date was filled except the dates occupied by NBA games. Prior years had seen 140 to 160 events. This next year might see 80 to 120. It is simply a smaller scale. The claim per event is the one bright spot as long as you do not look at the overall schedule of dark nights. Fewer people going to Key Arena will likely mean fewer people going to Seattle Center.

The majority of Sonics season ticketholders traveled in from outside the Seattle City limits. Fewer people will have fewer reasons to travel into Seattle and Key Arena.
That is the bottom line, on the city's bottom line.

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Mr Baker

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Anonymous said...

Yeah but Ice Capades, and an immenent Phish reunion tour should pack 'em in.

Anonymous said...

I got a question for you: How do you think the agreement with Seattle U to play their games at the Key will affect their effort to get funding next year?

Mr Baker said...

I think it will broaden support from Sonics and Storm fans to that of people connected to a very meaningful history of basketball in Seattle in the 1950's and early 1960's, to the parents and supporters of a private university that has produced many local leaders.
It drives home that this is a public resource.

Anonymous said...

You don't think it could potentially throw a monkey wrench to the proposed renovation?

Mr Baker said...

the more basketball is played there that isn't the Sonics the better.
The more that other people have a vested interest in Key Arena for basketball other than Sonucs the better.

There is a chance to have, with the NBA, that there may be more than 80 basketball games a year played